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Starry Eyed - Streetband - Dilemma (Vinyl, LP)

The Prodigy. Elton John and Alessandro Safina. Ja Rule featuring Case. Will Smith featuring Tra-Knox. Diddy featuring Usher. Britney Spears featuring Pharrell Williams.

Diddy featuring Usher and Loon. Truth Hurts featuring Rakim. Beenie Man featuring Janet Jackson. Will Young and Gareth Gates. Eve featuring Alicia Keys. Irv Gotti presents The Inc. Jakatta featuring Seal. Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland. Manic Street Preachers. MC Romeo featuring Christina Milian. Christina Aguilera featuring Redman. Ronan Keating featuring Lulu. Blue featuring Elton John. Ashanti [I]. United States. United Kingdom. Gonzalez - Brandy Elvis Costello - Radio Sweetheart Dave Edmunds - Get It The Jam - Slow DOwn Ian Gomm - Come On Matchbox - Gunning For The Dog Sniff 'n' The Tears - Driver's Seat The Fabulous Poodles - Mirror Star Streetband - Loud Music The Inmates - Dirty Water.

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Bridgit Mendler. Discography Awards and nominations Songs Tours. Oh What? Good Love. One Foot in the Boat. Keep It to Yourself. Don't Give Me a Hard Time. Thought Talk. Song on the Radio. Robbie Barrish Radio Spot 1.

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Dilemma on Discogs. Label: Logo - LOGO • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: UK • Genre: Rock • Style: Pop Rock Streetband - Dilemma (, Vinyl) | Discogs/5(6).

Fire, Death And Fear - Various - Metal Hammer 5/2010 (CD)

There isn't another story like Rammstein 's. They're a band who grew up under a political regime where the most popular artists recorded for a state-owned record label. A band whose frontman represented East Germany as a swimmer, before going on to work as a peat cutter and a basket weaver. And a band whose live shows literally climax as that frontman rides a phallic cannon, pumping soapy discharge into sold-out stadiums. With grinding, repetitive, deliciously childish riffs and singer Till Lindemann 's unique bass voice, Rammstein have built a career that's high on fire and low on compromise.

They've built the world's most spectacular stage show — a pyrotechnic circus of spectacular set pieces and mind-boggling ambition — and successfully taken it to countries where German isn't spoken.

They've made a series of albums whose songs cover subjects like sadomasochism and necrophilia, but also environmental disaster and German patriotism. A quarter of a century in, Rammstein are still a baffling, monstrous, flame-ridden work of art.

Watch: Rammstein - Du Hast. It's quite possible that Burgerkill 's impressive placing on this list will be a surprise to a few of you, but it really shouldn't be.

Since the Indonesian metallers formed in the religiously conservative suburb of Ujung Berung in Bandung 25 years ago, the band have developed a huge homegrown following. That following went global when the band picked up a Metal As Fuck Golden Globe award in and started picking up festival bookings across Europe in Terrorizer released its first cover mounted CD on its December issue and did so every four months until , which it was released every two months.

From , every issue came with a CD. In late , Jonathan Selzer replaced Nick Terry as editor and saw a doom metal revival with coverage of Cathedral and Spirit Caravan so intensive that British doom metallers Warning split up following an argument inspired by quotes in their Terrorizer interview that year.

Issue 91 saw cover placement for London-based Satanic metallers Akercocke and later coverage of emerging British black metallers Anaal Nathrakh which would culminate in the previously studio-only band headlining Terrorizer 's Christmas event, "A Cold Night in Hell", as their first ever live appearance.

With news of Chuck Schuldiner's death, issue 97 saw him appear on the cover in tribute along with six pages inside. For issue , the covermount CD changed its name from "Terrorized" then on its 26th volume to "Fear Candy", with some volumes given over to the yearly "Fear Candy Unsigned" previously called "The Abominable Showcase" CD in which unsigned bands competed for an interview in the magazine. Previous entrants for the "Fear Candy Unsigned" who have since had a level of success include Season's End, a symphonic metal band now on 1 Records, zombie -themed thrash band Send More Paramedics on In at the Deep End Records, post-hardcore band Million Dead now split-up and avant-garde grindcore band Tangaroa on Anticulture Records.

In September , Jonathan Selzer left Terrorizer for Metal Hammer , and was replaced as editor by Joseph Stannard, the magazine's news editor until that time. Subsequently the role of editor was occupied by former Rock Sound and Kerrang! The magazine's last issue was released in June [5] and its publisher Dark Arts Ltd. To date Terrorizer has produced nine genre specials and one "issue" special, the Art Special, part one of the Black Metal Special being the magazine's second best selling single issue on the UK newsstands and part one of the second Prog Special.

Initiated to celebrate the 25th anniversary of punk hitting the mainstream with the Sex Pistols ' appearance on Today with Bill Grundy , the cover featured a striking image of a spikey haired female punk and led with a feature on Alan Parker 's newly released punk history, England's Dreaming , all the punk retrospectives across CD, DVD and book were compiled into one reviews spread, appropriately followed by a feature on punk reissues, a feature on anarcho-punk , the UK's DIY punk underground, the validity of US claims to 'inventing' punk versus UK claims, Oi!

Stiff Little Fingers — Wasted Life Sham 69 — If the Kids Are United Johnny Thunders — Personality Crisis Stiff Little Fingers — At the Edge The Dickies — Manny, Moe and Jack Sham 69 — Angels With Dirty Faces The Meteors — Mutant Rock King Kurt — Destination Zululand Tonia - Baby, God Is Dead Beggars - Line Void Droid - Superfreak Headquake - Use Heritage - Dead Rock Commandos Godsleep - Trigger Happy Embargo feat.

Narshish feat. Blind Guardian - Prophecies Rage - The Final Curtain Grand Magus - Freja's Choice Almanac - Hands Are Tied Twilight Force - Guardian of the Seas Metal Allegiance - Let Darkness Fall feat. Mayan - Burn Your Witches Nile - Negating the Abominable Coils of Apep Brujeria - Profecia del Anticristo Ghost Bath - Death and the Maiden Melechesh - Metatron and Man Soulfly - Live Life Hard!

Death Angel - Hell to Pay Destruction - Dethroned Generation Kill - Vegas Bury Tomorrow - The Eternal Millenial Reign - Way Up High Infinite Spectrum - Fear Serious Black - Castors Skies Fates Warning - White Flag Widow - Carved In Stone Fractal Cypher - Imminent Extinction Vangough - Gravity Thunderstone - Fire And Ice Devin Townsend - Stormbending Damnations Day - Colours Of Darkness Oceans Of Slumber - Winter Horizons Edge - Life After Death Evergrey - Passing Through Fierce Atmospheres - Saviour Rap metal bands institute the vocal and lyrical form of hip hop.

The thrash metal band Anthrax also helped pioneer the genre. Rap metal is often mislabeled as rapcore a genre which fuses hardcore punk with hip hop or nu metal , a genre which has similar elements in the music, rap metal usually does not include turntables or sampling into its sound, although keyboards are often used. Rap metal bands, unlike nu metal bands, are almost always fronted by rappers. Rap metal also lacks the melodic singing and growling commonly associated with nu metal.

Avant-garde metal or avant-metal, also known as experimental metal, is a subgenre of heavy metal music loosely defined by use of experimentation and characterized by the use of innovative, avant-garde elements, large-scale experimentation, and the use of non-standard and unconventional sounds, instruments, song structures, playing styles, and vocal techniques.

It evolved out of progressive rock , jazz fusion , and extreme metal , particularly death metal. Black metal is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal. Common traits include fast tempos , shrieked vocals , highly distorted guitars played with tremolo picking , blast beat drumming, raw recording, and unconventional song structures.

During the s, several thrash metal bands formed a prototype for black metal. The music of the early Norwegian black metal scene became a distinct genre. Initially considered a synonym for "Satanic metal", black metal has often been met with hostility from mainstream culture, mainly due to the misanthropic and anti-Christian standpoint of many artists.

Moreover, several of the genre's pioneers have been linked with church burnings and murder. Some have also been linked to neo-Nazism ; however most black metal fans and most prominent black metal musicians reject Nazi ideology and oppose its influence on the black metal subculture. NSBM typically melds Neo-Nazi beliefs such as fascism , white supremacy , white separatism , antisemitism , xenophobia , and homophobia with hostility to "foreign" religions Christianity, Judaism, Islam , etc.

Bands often promote ethnic European paganism , occultism , or Satanism. Red and Anarchist black metal , often shortened to the acronym RABM , is black metal in which the artists espouse various far-left and environmentalist ideologies such as anarchism , Marxism , and green anarchism.

Blackened heavy metal is a sub-genre of black metal which primary takes influence from heavy metal songwriting. Examples of blackened heavy metal include Demonaz, [40] and Hellward. Symphonic black metal is a style of black metal that incorporates symphonic and orchestral elements.

This may include the usage of music workstation keyboards to conjure up "pseudo-orchestral" landscapes with default presets e. Bands like Carach Angren may feature solo instruments such as violins in addition to virtual or live orchestral arrangements. Vocals can be "clean" or operatic in style, and song structures are more defined or are inspired by symphonies, albeit not adhering to forms found in Western music e.

Many of the characteristics of traditional black metal are retained, such as shrieked vocals, fast tempos, high treble gain and tremolo picked electric guitars. Examples of symphonic black metal include Emperor and Dimmu Borgir. Blackened screamo or blackened skramz melds black metal with screamo.

Viking metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music with origins in black metal and Nordic folk music , characterized by a common lyrical and thematic focus on Norse mythology , Norse paganism , and the Viking Age.

Its musical style is typically manifested as Nordic folk-influenced black metal. Some common traits include a slow-paced and heavy riffing style, anthemic choruses, use of both clean and harsh vocals, a frequent use of folk instrumentation , and, often, the use of keyboards for atmospheric effect.

Viking metal developed in the s through the mids as a rejection of Satanism and the occult , instead embracing the Vikings and paganism as the leaders of opposition to Christianity. Most Viking metal bands originate from the Nordic countries , and nearly all bands claim that their members descend, directly or indirectly, from Vikings.

Bathory , from Sweden, is generally credited with pioneering the genre with its albums Blood Fire Death and Hammerheart Enslaved , Burzum , Emperor , Storm and Falkenbach helped further develop the genre in the early through mids. The death metal bands Unleashed and Amon Amarth , which emerged during the early s, also adopted Viking themes, broadening the genre from its primarily black metal origin. Blackgaze is a genre fusion of black metal and shoegazing that originated in the early s.

The French shoegazing band Alcest is often credited with having influenced and formed the genre, while American bands such as Deafheaven have become synonymous as to defining the genre's characteristics. Post-black metal is a subgenre of black metal that emphasizes more experimentation and creative expression than other forms, as well as molding different music genres into black metal.

Christian metal, also known as white metal, [56] is a form of heavy metal music usually defined by its message using song lyrics as well as the dedication of the band members to Christianity.

Christian metal is typically performed by professed Christians sometimes principally for Christians who listen to heavy metal music and often produced and distributed through various Christian networks. Christian metal artists exist in all the subgenres of heavy metal music, and the only common link among most Christian metal artists are the lyrics. The Christian themes are often melded with the subjects of the genre the band is rooted in, regularly providing a Christian take on the subject matter.

It has been argued that the marginal yet transnational Christian metal subculture provides its core members an alternative religious expression and Christian identity, and that the music serves the purpose of offering a positive alternative or counterbalance to 'secular' metal music which is known for its generally dark and negative message.

Christian metal emerged in the late s as a means of evangelism to the wider heavy metal music scene, and was pioneered by American bands Resurrection Band and Petra and Sweden's Jerusalem.

Los Angeles's Stryper achieved wide success in the s. California's Tourniquet and Australia's Mortification led the movement in the s. Rap metal group P. Unblack metal, sometimes called Christian black metal, is a genre of music that is stylistically black metal , but whose artists promote Christianity in their lyrics and imagery. It is also suggested that Christianity contradicts black metal's dark nature and the individualistic and misanthropic ideals of many bands.

The exact beginning of the Christian black metal movement is disputed. The Australian band Horde 's album Hellig Usvart brought the concept and the term holy unblack metal a word play on Darkthrone 's slogan "unholy black metal" used on the albums A Blaze in the Northern Sky and Under a Funeral Moon to media attention.

Other examples of unblack metal bands include Crimson Moonlight , Admonish , and Frosthardr. Crust punk, often simply called crust, is a form of music influenced by anarcho-punk , hardcore punk and extreme metal.

The term "crust" was coined by Hellbastard on their Ripper Crust demo. Crust is partly defined by its "bassy" and " dirty " sound. It is often played at a fast tempo with occasional slow sections. Vocals are usually guttural and may be growled or screamed. Crust punk takes cues from the anarcho-punk of Crass and Discharge [62] and the extreme metal of bands like Venom and Celtic Frost.

Crust punk groups, such as Amebix , took some influence from early black metal bands like Venom , Hellhammer , and Celtic Frost. Iskra are probably the most obvious example of second wave black metal -influenced crust punk; [66] Iskra coined their own phrase "blackened crust" to describe their new style. The Japanese group Gallhammer also fused crust punk with black metal [67] while the English band Fukpig has been said to have elements of crust punk, black metal, and grindcore.

As Daniel Ekeroth wrote in ,. In a very ironic paradox, black metal and crust punk have recently started to embrace one another. Members of Darkthrone and Satyricon have lately claimed that they love punk, while among crusties, black metal is the latest fashion.

In fact, the latest album by crust punk band Skitsystem sounds very black metal—while the latest black metal opus by Darkthrone sounds very punk!

This would have been unimaginable in the early 90s. Death metal is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music. It typically employs heavily distorted guitars, tremolo picking , deep growling vocals, blast beat drumming, minor keys or atonality , and complex song structures with multiple tempo changes.

Building from the musical structure of thrash metal and early black metal , death metal emerged during the mids. Blackened death metal is a style that combines death metal and black metal. Examples of blackened death metal bands are Belphegor , Behemoth , Akercocke , Dissection and Sacramentum.

The term is a blend of death metal and rock 'n' roll. The achieved effect is that of death metal's trademark combination of growled vocals and highly distorted detuned guitar riffing with elements reminiscent of s hard rock and heavy metal.

Melodic death metal, also referred to as melodeath or MDM, is a heavy metal music style that combines elements from the new wave of British heavy metal NWOBHM with elements of death metal. The style was developed during the early and mids, primarily in England and Scandinavia.

The Swedish death metal scene in particular did much to popularize the style, which soon centered in the "Gothenburg metal" scene in Gothenburg , Sweden.

American band Racer X released a cover of the song that can be heard on the Japanese version of Technical Difficulties. The song has been covered by German heavy metal band Grave Digger. It was later released as a promo single in American death metal band Master on their self-titled debut album.

American thrash metal band Havok on their album Unnatural Selection. Italian doom metal band Firelord covered the song on their album "Among the Snakes". Silver Fist covered this song on their album "Ave Fenix". In , the thrash metal band Overkill covered the song for their cover album Coverkill. Fates Warning covered the song on their album Awaken the Guardian. Primal Fear covered the song on their album Devil's Ground.

Dragonfly covered the song on their album Non Requiem. Iced Earth covered the song on their album " The Melancholy E. Krisiun in , on their album Forged in Fury. American jam band Widespread Panic covered the song during their summer tour and opened the NOLAween show in tribute to Ozzy who was playing at the nearby Voodoo Experience. American metal band Fozzy released a cover of the song as a bonus track on their album Sin and Bones.

Cephalic Carnage in , on the tribute album Hell Rules Vol. Danzig in , on their album Blackacidevil. Isis in , on their EP Sawblade. Orange Goblin on a split album with Electric Wizard. Slayer in , on the tribute album " Nativity in Black II ". Aion has covered this song on the album " Reconciliation ", released in Powerwolf has covered this song on the EP " The Rockhard Sacrament " in The American doom metal band Solitude Aeturnus covered the song for their album Adagio.

Benedictum covered the song on their debut album, Uncreation. Liechtenstein based gothic metal band Elis covered the song on their album Griefshire. The song was also briefly covered by Tenacious D for Dio 's music video for the song "Push". At the beginning of the music video, Jack Black and Kyle Gass are shown standing on a sidewalk busking and singing "Heaven and Hell" with alternate lyrics.

They stop when Dio walks up to them and tells them that he will pay them to play some Tenacious D songs. Thrash band Overkill can be heard rehearsing the song at the end of their album W. Progressive metal band Dream Theater covered the song and released it under their official bootleg "Uncovered —". Heavy metal band Manowar covered the song at the Sonisphere Festival in Bucharest.

Abyss 6. Psycho morphling 7. Natural selection 8. Svartport Sun Of All Obsession Rasen The Haste To The Pyre Wings Of Dragons I, The Wolf The Umbilical Cord Dawn Of Light Hell Awaits The Antichrist Necrophiliac Mandatory Suicide Hate Worldwide War Ensemble Postmortem Captor of Sin Hallowed Point At Dawn They Sleep Die by the Sword Spirit in Black Disciple Born of Fire Dead Skin Mask Raining Blood Black Magic South of Heaven Harmony Of Souls Human Indulgence Raped Downfall Norm Always Wins Last Moments Capital Punishment Harmony Of Souls demo :

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Furious Metal Anger on Discogs/5(8).

Tijuana Taxi

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Buena Vista. One chicken enchilada, one crunchy picadillo beef taco, and a half rack of baby back ribs. Santa Cruz. Six oz Palomilla steak, one southwest shrimp enchilada, and one crunchy picadillo beef taco. Palomilla Steak. Marinated skirt steak grilled over an open fire and topped with onions and mushrooms.

Served with chimichurri sauce and fried plantains. Havana Steak. Skirt steak marinated in mojo sauce and topped with grilled onions. Served with black beans, white rice, and plantains. Chino Latino. Fire grilled skirt steak topped with fresh jalapenos and tamarindo sauce. Served with mashed potatoes. Steak Tampiquena. Skirt steak chargrilled over an open fire and topped with mozzarella cheese. Served with two chicken enchiladas with ranchero sauce. Hibachi Steak. Mandarin style skirt steak chargrilled over an open fire and topped with shiitake mushrooms, onions, and snow peas.

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Black Beans. Charro Beans. French Fries. Onion Rings. Balsamic Tomatoes. Tamale Corn Cake. Chili Cheese Smashed Potatoes. Mixed Veggies. Kids Hamburger. Kids Penne Pasta. Choice of alfredo sauce, marinara sauce, or butter. Kids Fried Chicken Bites. Kids Grilled Cheese. Served on thick Texas toast with french fries.

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Horses - Patti Smith - Horses (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Does anyone own the LP with title in white lettering? Is it really a different mix? Location: NS, Canada. Not an audiophile, but still have the LP from back in the day. I think it is a pretty well known album? A damn great one, that's for sure, I loved the seguing and the pulsating drive it has. John B Good , May 3, Location: Orlando, FL.

Strongly agree - Horses is a masterpiece - underrated by the masses. I haven't heard the RSD Legacy LP remaster but a friend who works at my local indie record shop speaks very highly of the audio quality.

I may pick it up. I'm not an audiophile either, but I love this album. All Patti Smith Group stuff is quality in my opinion. GodShifter , May 3, Location: clifton park,ny. It followed the same running order as the original release of Horses, and featured Tom Verlaine on guitar and Flea on bass guitar.

The album was recorded and mixed by Emery Dobyns. Location: Greater Toronto Area. Great album, great artist! Gary , May 3, Location: Dallas. Location: Huntersville, NC. I have a difficult time appreciating this album. When I've listened to it in the past, I've wondered why it gets so much love?

Location: Toronto, Canada. Location: San Francisco, CA. A brilliant album. I also like Radio Ethiopia and Easter a lot, too.

My favorite track from Horses: Birdland. Location: Upstate South Carolina. Tags: patti smith, patti, smiths, horses, tour, gig, show, retro, vintage, 80s, because the night, new york, hotel chelsea, punk, piss factory, fuck the.

Tags: punk, 70s, patti smith, horses, punk, proto punk, just kids, guitar, rocker, punker, poetry, punk poet. Tags: patti, smiths, group, roll, punk, cbgb, horses, eat, rich, easter, motorhead, aerosmith, rousseau. Tags: watercolor, music, splash, guitar, band, punk, punk, usa, art punk, lee, horses, because the night, rocknroll, singer, songwriter, chicago.

Tags: patti smith group, punk, punk, vote , vote for women, patti horses, people have the power, punk, anarchist, patti. Tags: patti, smiths, patti smith, wave, horses, gloria, 70s, female, music, musician, and roll, roll, redondo, beach, godmother, punk, john, cale, rimbaud, tramping, radio, ethiopia, banga, mapplethorpe, lou reed, chelsea, hotel, allen, ginsberg.

Tags: patti smith, singer, poetry, artist, music, musician, horses, people have the power, because the night, name, line drawing, letter, letters, lines, minimalist, minimalist, minimal, sketch, black and white. Patti Smith Sleeveless Top By ilaviuart. Tags: patti smith, punk, easter, horses, because the night, we three, till victory, , 70s, 80s, womes, female, girls, singer, cool, hipster, retro, hits, 90s, american.

Tags: mandala, geometric design, patti smith, punk, goddess, legend, legendary, women who, and roll, music, musician, poetry, horses, unique, poetry.

Tags: jesus died for somebodys sins but not mine, horses, patti smith, gloria, patti smith group, lyrics, quotes, retro, vintage, bold, typography, punk, punk, beat poets, feminist, for music fans, pop art. Tags: patti smith, rockers, laotralore, horses, digital color, my golden rockers, music, woman rockers, ink, digital drawing.

Tags: patti smith, patti, new york city, poetry, punk, n roll, godmother, s, 70s, chelsea, allen ginsberg, horses, gloria, dancing barefoot, music, musician, lou reed, bowery, nyc, punk, ramones, gender, sins, gender sucks, not my sins.

Tags: patricia, lee, patti, smiths, portrait, pen, ink, scratches, people, faces, face, music, singer, poetry, just kids, horses, punk, art punk, proto punk, art. Punk poet Classic T-Shirt By geep Tags: pop, punk, post, guitar, 70s, poetry, sing, song, band, lp, record, vinyl, music, york, horses, gloria, album, smiths, patti. According to Smith, Horses was a conscious attempt "to make a record that would make a certain type of person not feel alone.

People who were like me, different I wasn't targeting the whole world. I wasn't trying to make a hit record. My picking John was about as arbitrary as picking Rimbaud. I saw the cover of Illuminations with Rimbaud's face, y'know, he looked so cool, just like Bob Dylan. So Rimbaud became my favorite poet. I looked at the cover of Fear and I said, 'Now there's a set of cheekbones.

But I hired the wrong guy. All I was really looking for was a technical person. Instead, I got a total maniac artist. I went to pick out an expensive watercolor painting and instead I got a mirror. It was really like A Season in Hell , for both of us. But inspiration doesn't always have to be someone sending me half a dozen American Beauty roses. There's a lotta inspiration going on between the murderer and the victim.

And he had me so nuts I wound up doing this nine-minute cut that transcended anything I ever did before. Cale would later recall that Smith initially struck him as "someone with an incredibly volatile mouth who could handle any situation", and that as producer on Horses he wanted to capture the energy of her live performances, noting that there "was a lot of power in Patti's use of language, in the way images collided with one another.

In Smith's own words, Horses was conceived as "three-chord rock merged with the power of the word". Reflecting Smith's background as a poet, the album's lyrics channel the French Symbolism movement, incorporating influences from the works of Charles Baudelaire , William Blake , and Smith's lifelong idol Arthur Rimbaud , [12] and recall the "revolutionary spirit" of Rimbaud and resonate with the energy of Beat poetry, according to CMJ ' s Steve Klinge.

Smith's sisters provide the lyrical inspirations for "Redondo Beach" and "Kimberly"; the former song, about despairing over a missing lover, was inspired by an incident in which Smith's sister Linda disappeared for the day following an argument with her, and the latter song was named after and dedicated to Smith's sister Kimberly.

Burroughs ' novel The Wild Boys , while also alluding to Arthur Rimbaud and, less directly, Jimi Hendrix, whom she imagined to be "dreaming a simple rock-and-roll song, and it takes him into all these other realms.

The cover photograph for Horses was taken using natural light by American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe , a close friend of Smith's, at the Greenwich Village penthouse apartment of his partner Sam Wagstaff. Smith is depicted wearing a plain white shirt which she had purchased at the Salvation Army on the Bowery and slinging a black jacket over her shoulder and her favorite black ribbon around her collar. Smith has described her pose on the cover as "a mix of Baudelaire and Sinatra.

That's just the way I dressed. Upon initial release, Horses was met with near-universal acclaim from music critics and publications. Horses ' mix of philosophical lyrics and rock and roll music did, however, attract some polarizing reactions, particularly from the British music press.

Commercially, Horses performed modestly, managing to peak at number 47 on the United States Billboard albums chart despite receiving virtually no airplay. Following its release, Horses further cemented Smith's reputation as one of the biggest names of the New York punk rock scene , alongside contemporary acts such as the Ramones , Blondie and Talking Heads , [44] and it has since been cited as the first significant punk rock album.

Various recording artists have specifically named Horses as an influence on their music. So, when Patti Smith came along, it was huge. She was groundbreakingly different. Her honesty. Horses has been considered by music critics to be one of the finest albums in recorded music history, [52] attaining high levels of critical success and influence in the years following its release despite modest sales figures.

For the 30th anniversary of Horses , a live version was recorded by Smith on June 25, in the Royal Festival Hall at the Meltdown festival , which Smith curated. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Patti Smith. Punk rock art punk garage rock. Smith's reworking of Them 's song "Gloria" is representative of the album's garage rock and poetry influences.

Smith Lenny Kaye Richard Sohl. Smith Tom Verlaine. The Observer. Retrieved September 11, Retrieved October 6, The Independent.

Label: Arista - AL ,Arista - • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Punk, Art Rock, Garage Rock Patti Smith - Horses (, Vinyl) | Discogs Explore/5(82).

The Thief And The Receiver - Edvard Grieg, London Symphony Orchestra*, Per Dreier - Peer Gynt (CD)

Save Save Save. Want to watch this again later? Dominoes and Darkness While Rudy and his siblings play dominoes, they hear a conversation between their parents and the Gestapo , or Nazi secret police, who are looking for Rudy.

The Thought of Rudy Naked In a flashback, Rudy and two other boys are in a doctor's office, where they're ordered to take off their clothes and examined. The Collector Both Hans and Alex are given their duties in the army, but neither see combat. Try it risk-free No obligation, cancel anytime.

Want to learn more? The Bread Eaters It is now , and Liesel sees two more groups of Jews marching to the concentration camps. The Hidden Sketchbook There is an air raid shortly before Christmas in Register to view this lesson Are you a student or a teacher?

I am a student I am a teacher. Unlock Your Education See for yourself why 30 million people use Study. Become a Member Already a member? What teachers are saying about Study. Earning Credit. Earning College Credit Did you know… We have over college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1, colleges and universities. It also significantly cuts the length of the play.

An earlier production of the full-length play at the Guthrie required the audience to return a second night to see the second half of the play. This interpretation, with much of the dialogue in modern Scots, received mixed reviews. Directed by Dominic Hill. In the performance, the musical elements were linked by an English narrative read by actor Samuel West. In November , Basingstoke Choral Society directed by David Gibson, who also directs Southampton Philharmonic Choir reprised the earlier performance by their colleagues in Southampton.

At Vinstra in the Gudbrandsdalen valley, Henrik Ibsen and Peer Gynt have been celebrated with an annual festival since The festival is one of Norway's largest cultural festivals, and is recognized by the Norwegian Government as a leading institution of presenting culture in nature. The festival has a broad festival program with theatre, concerts, an art exhibition and several debates and literature seminars.

The play is staged in Peer Gynt ' s birthplace, where Ibsen claims he found inspiration for the character Peer Gynt , and is regarded by many as the most authentic version. The play is performed by professional actors from the national theater institutions, and nearly 80 local amateur actors. The music to the play is inspired by the original theatre music by Edvard Grieg — the "Peer Gynt suite".

The play is one of the most popular theater productions in Norway, attracting more than 12, people every summer. The festival also holds the Peer Gynt Prize , which is a national Norwegian honor prize given to a person or institution that has achieved distinction in society and contributed to improving Norway's international reputation.

Created in honour of Henrik Ibsen, it is a monumental presentation of Peer Gynt , scene by scene. It was established in by Selvaag , the company behind the housing development in the area.

Most of the sculptures in this park are the result of an international sculpture competition. In German writer Dietrich Eckart adapted the play. In Eckart's version, the play became "a powerful dramatisation of nationalist and anti-semitic ideas", in which Gynt represents the superior Germanic hero, struggling against implicitly Jewish "trolls".

Eckart's version was one of the best attended productions of the age with more than performances in Berlin alone. He never had another theatrical success after Peer Gynt.

In German composer Werner Egk finished an opera based on the story. This is the version in which actor John Garfield starred on Broadway. This version is also the American Version , and features subtle plot differences from Ibsen's original work, including the omittance of the shipwreck scene near the end, and the Buttonmolder character playing a moderately larger role.

It was staged at Dublin's Gate Theatre. In , Broadway impresario Jacques Levy who had previously directed the first version of Oh! The play was apparently never completed, although, as of , McGuinn was preparing a version for release. In March Jerry Heymann 's adaptation, [40] called Mr. Gynt, Inc. In , John Neumeier created a ballet "freely based on Ibsen's play", for which Alfred Schnittke composed the score.

This adaptation moved the play's action to 20th-century Appalachia and California. In , Rogaland Theatre produced an adaptation entitled Peer Gynt-innen? The full vocal texts are also provided in the original Norwegian and in French, German, and English translations. Finally, the striking cover photo on the box front was taken by Erich Spiegelhalter.

The condition of the box is near-MINT. There is slight discoloration along the spine and minor shelfwear, but that is all. The condition of the booklet is near-MINT.

Although surfaces are not absolutely silent and thus I have rated it NM vs. MINT , really these are very fine copies and playback is truly superb across all 4 sides. This is the green-clad woman from the mountain hall, and her half-human brat is the child begotten by Peer from his mind during his stay there.

She has cursed Peer by forcing him to remember her and all his previous sins, when facing Solveig. Peer hears a ghostly voice saying "Go roundabout, Peer", and decides to leave. He tells Solveig he has something heavy to fetch. He returns in time for his mother's death, and then sets off overseas. Peer is away for many years, taking part in various occupations and playing various roles including that of a businessman engaged in enterprises on the coast of Morocco.

Here, he explains his view of life, and we learn that he is a businessman taking part in unethical transactions, including sending heathen images to China and trading slaves. In his defense, he points out that he has also sent missionaries to China, and he treated his slaves well. His companions rob him, after he decides to support the Turks in suppressing a Greek revolt, and leave him alone on the shore. He then finds some stolen Bedouin gear, and, in these clothes, he is hailed as a prophet by a local tribe.

He tries to seduce Anitra, the chieftain's daughter, but she steals his money and rings, gets away, and leaves him. Then he decides to become a historian and travels to Egypt. He wanders through the desert, passing the Colossi of Memnon and the Sphinx.

Peer comes to the madhouse and understands that all of the patients live in their own worlds, being themselves to such a degree that no one cares for anyone else. In his youth, Peer had dreamt of becoming an emperor.

In this place, he is finally hailed as one—the emperor of the "self". Peer despairs and calls for the "Keeper of all fools", i. Finally, on his way home as an old man, he is shipwrecked. Among those on board, he meets the Strange Passenger, who wants to make use of Peer's corpse to find out where dreams have their origin.

This passenger scares Peer out of his wits. Peer lands on shore bereft of all of his possessions, a pitiful and grumpy old man. Back home in Norway, Peer Gynt attends a peasant funeral and an auction, where he offers for sale everything from his earlier life. The auction takes place at the very farm where the wedding once was held.

Peer stumbles along and is confronted with all that he did not do, his unsung songs, his unmade works, his unwept tears, and his questions that were never asked. His mother comes back and claims that her deathbed went awry; he did not lead her to heaven with his ramblings. Peer escapes and is confronted with the Button-molder, who maintains that Peer's soul must be melted down with other faulty goods unless he can explain when and where in life he has been "himself". Peer protests. He has been only that, and nothing else.

Then he meets the troll king, who states that Peer has been a troll, not a man, most of his life. The Button-molder comes along and says that he has to come up with something if he is not to be melted down. Peer looks for a priest to whom to confess his sins, and a character named "The Lean One" who is the Devil turns up. The Lean One believes Peer cannot be counted a real sinner who can be sent to Hell; he has committed no grave sin.

Peer despairs in the end, understanding that his life is forfeit; he is nothing. But at the same moment, Solveig starts to sing—the cabin Peer built is close at hand, but he dares not enter.

The Button-molder shows up and demands a list of sins, but Peer has none to give, unless Solveig can vouch for him. Then Peer breaks through to Solveig, asking her to forgive his sins. But she answers: "You have not sinned at all, my dearest boy. Peer does not understand—he believes himself lost. Then he asks her: "Where has Peer Gynt been since we last met? Where was I as the one I should have been, whole and true, with the mark of God on my brow?

Solveig sings her lullaby for him, and we might presume he dies in this last scene of the play, although there are neither stage directions nor dialogue to indicate that he actually does. Behind the corner, the Button-molder, who is sent by God, still waits, with the words: "Peer, we shall meet at the last crossroads, and then we shall see if I'll say no more.

Over a decade after composing the full incidental music for Peer Gynt, Grieg extracted eight movements to make two four-movement suites. The Peer Gynt suites are among his best-known works, however they initially began as incidental compositions. Suite No. A typical rendition of both suites lasts 20 to 35 minutes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Incidental music by Edvard Grieg to Ibsen's play.

Morning Mood. Anitra's Dance. In the Hall of the Mountain King. Bunkerville, Thank you. Spring has finally arrived here to Northern Virginia. As usual. Grieg's music is so close to my heart, I can hardly talk about it without having tears come to my eyes. My father was especially fond of the music from Peer Gynt as he'd been acquainted it in his own chidhood, which began in when they were still practically new.

We had two volumes of Lyric Pieces by Grieg in our piano library at home. I learnt and played most of them before graduating from high school. For some reason Grieg's music resonated partlculrly well with Americans —— more than it did on the European Continent.

When my father died in August of after a long illness, I could think of nothing better to do to honor his memory than to transcribe several of Grieg's best known orchestral pieces for organ, which I played at Daddy's funeral.

Edvard Grieg, Per Dreier, The London Symphony Orchestra, Oslo Philharmonic Chorus* Edvard Grieg, Per Dreier, The London Symphony Orchestra, Oslo Philharmonic Chorus* - Peer Gynt - Premier Recording Of The Complete Music For Ibsen's Dramatic Poem ‎ (2xCass, Album, Club) World Cassette Club, World Cassette Club: C , C Australia/5(8).

Große Freiheit Nr. 7 - Various - Stars Und Hits 1985 (Vinyl, LP)

After the war she became a successful Schlager singer. Her nickname, Ein Frau mit Pfiff, translates as 'A Woman of Distinction', but also refers to her trademark, whistling. Zur Kategorie DVD. Zur Kategorie weitere Bereiche. A-Z div. P Jetzt Bonuspunkte sichern. Spieldauer ca. Als die Beatmusik laufen lernte. Was geschah wirklich.

Deutsche Filmklassiker. ICM Forum Nominations. Share this Rating Title: Port of Freedom 7. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Hans Albers Hannes Kroeger Ilse Werner Willem Hilde Hildebrand Anita Gustav Knuth Gisa's mother Ethel Reschke Port of Freedom Hide Spoilers.

Lars 4 December In this poignant tale of Hamburg's Saint Pauli district, a former seaman, now a singer in a sailor's nightclub, opposes his girl's love for a dockworker. Kaeutner makes a stunning use of the new Agfacolor material, and Hamburg never looked more mystical.

The film was shot on location and Berlin, but after the air raids in both cities, completed in Prague. Goebbles didn't particularly like this film and didn't allow it to be shown in the Reich. Therefore, German audiences only got to see this movie after Hans Albers is brilliant, and for fans of him this movie is an absolute must. I personally must have seen this one 8 or 9 times already. The movie also features a couple of good songs, sung by Hans Albers. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.

Dwolvesbane 23 November In Great Freedom no. The story, as is common with his films, focuses on a love triangle and also uses sailors and their transitory way of life as a complication to this triangular arrangement as he does in Under the Bridges.

He also reprises the theme of musicianship which he uses for characters in most of his films, from the composers in In Those Days and Romance in a Minor Key.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Activists Ketty Guttmann.

Lichter der Stadt. Best Of Vol. Nur noch 17 auf Lager. Welche anderen Artikel kaufen Kunden, nachdem sie diesen Artikel angesehen haben? Puppenspiel Re-Release. Produktinformation Produktabmessungen : Wie werden Bewertungen berechnet? Spitzenrezensionen Neueste zuerst Spitzenrezensionen. Spitzenbewertungen aus Deutschland. Derzeit tritt ein Problem beim Filtern der Rezensionen auf. Verifizierter Kauf.

Ich habe den "Schreihals" einmal live in Basel erlebt.

Große Freiheit Nr. 7: – Milva: Hurra, Wir Leben Noch: – Rolf Und Seine Freunde: Herzlich Willkommen: – Nicole (2) Wenn Die Blumen Weinen Könnten: – John Roth (3) Ich Laß Dich Geh'n: – Tommy Steiner: Es War In Frankreich: – Nino de Angelo: Wir Sind Giganten: – Karel Gott: Die Liebe Lebt: 3/5(2).

Beggar Born To Die - Tangerine (5) - Mémoire (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. Has this happened to anyone else? Order does show in my SRC account. Have heard not great things about pre orders with them. No Expectations. Dear Doctor. Parachute Woman. Jig-Saw Puzzle. Street Fighting Man.

Prodigal Son. Robert Wilkins. Stray Cat Blues. You will be able to pay with a card without a PayPal Account. See all Questions Need Aditional help? Send us a Ticket!

Visit Help Center. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Thrice celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their classic "Beggars" on stripped colored vinyl and includes a bonus 7" with two rare b-side tracks, never before available on vinyl.

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Recorded in July Track listing is different on sleeve (A1, A2, A3, A4 / B1a, B2, B3, B4, B1b, A5) Fold-out sleeve. "Le groupe Tangerine témoigne sa reconnaissance à toutes les personnes qui par responsabilité ou par sympathie, ont contribué à son expression musicale ou scénique."/5(14).

Die Nacht Von Basel - Die Ärzte - Männer Haben Kein Gehirn (File, MP3)

Wer bestimmt was deine Bildung ist? Wer darf sich bilden und worin? Jetzt reden wir mit und denken weiter. Mit dir- eine Nacht lang. Dokumentarfilm 95 Minuten Eintritt frei, Kollekte. Entsprichst Du den Bewertungskriterien des Schulsystems? Bringst Du die geforderten Dokumente mit, um eine Ausbildung zu beginnen? Haben alle Menschen in der Schweiz dieselben Chancen auf Bildung? Was ich am Unispital Basel zudem sehr attraktiv finde: Die Stimmung und somit die Zusammenarbeit unter den verschiedenen Abteilungen ist sehr gut.

Man arbeitet miteinander, nicht gegeneinander. Dass weniger Deutsche bei uns arbeiten kommen, hat damit zu tun, dass die Arbeitsbedingungen in ihrer Heimat attraktiver geworden sind. Zumal in der Medizin immer mehr Frauen arbeiten, von diesen wiederum kriegen viele Kinder und arbeiten danach Teilzeit oder gar nicht mehr. In letzter Zeit stelle ich fest, dass wir vermehrt Bewerbungen aus Griechenland und Italien bekommen.

In der klinischen Forschung nur, wenn sie gut Deutsch sprechen, denn hier steht der Patientenkontakt im Vordergrund. Ich kenne die Projekte nicht im Detail. Es war ein Projekt ohne Hochhaus und wurde nicht weiterverfolgt. Das finde ich sehr schade. Es ist sicher nicht immer einfach. Wir haben eine Kinderfrau, die jeden Tag zu uns kommt und bis am Abend bleibt. Zudem sind meine Eltern und Schwiegereltern in Basel.

Aber generell ist es mir wichtig, dass ich die Kinder selbst am Morgen in die Schule oder in den Kindergarten bringen kann. Dann bin ich halt erst um 8. Die Alkoholsucht breitete sich schlagartig aus.

Mit dem Abbruch des Mauerrings fing man bereits an, waren die Arbeiten abgeschlossen. Ebenso erhielten viele Strassen neue Namen. Bereits um diese Zeit entstand auch ein neues Quartier im Gebiet der Mostackerstrasse. Alban-Tal und beim St. Johanns-Tor sowie ein Teil der Elisabethenschanze bei der Wallstrasse. Albantor, beim ehemaligen Steinentor sowie dem Spalen- und St.

Alban- und St. Farin Urlaub Bela B. Uns geht's prima Ist das alles? Satanische Pferde 5, 6, 7, 8 — Bullenstaat! Die Beste Band der Welt Discography Songs.

Label: Hot Action Records - none • Format: File MP3, Stereo kbit/sek, 44kHz • Country: Germany • Genre: Non-Music • Style: Audiobook, Spoken Word Die Ärzte - Männer Haben Kein Gehirn (, kbit/sek, 44kHz, File) | Discogs/5(13).

Bad Boy Cat - Top Cat - Sensimilla Man (Vinyl, LP)

Cat O Nine Lives Album 2 versions. Fashion Records. The Most Sensational 2 versions. Top Cat Vs General Levy. Jungle Fashion Records. RAS Records Inc. Tenor Fly Meets Top Cat. No Jesterin' 2 versions. G Clef. The K Master sits like a separate amplification circuit between the phase inverter and the power tubes.

The circuit is able to drive the power amp independently to full potential and beyond, without the usual need of the preamp being driven hard. Unlike any other master volume circuit, The K Master allows for separate control of the power amp and preamp section. The power amp is no longer dependent upon the voltages coming from the preamp to reach its output potential.

This matters, because you can now do three things that previous designs, either didn't do very well, or were unable to do at all. Power tube distortion with a clean preamp - The power section operates independently from the preamp, the power tubes can be driven into overdrive without pushing the preamp. The sound is a described as a very sweet and glassy with a mild overdrive that is extraordinarily touch sensitive, creating the opportunity for new tonal pallets previously unavailable.

Extended clean headroom — Because the sections of the amp operate independently the power section can be brought to full output potential prior to clipping with a clean preamp.

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G Clef. Sunset Records 2. Dance Vibes. Sunjam Records. Sir Coxsone. CSA Records. Blacker Dread. Maximum Sound.

Discogs: Vinyl, Sensimilla Man. リリースのクレジット、レビュー、トラックを確認し、購入。4/5(3).

Deterioration / Inopexia - Deterioration / Inopexia Split (Cassette)

All hail. Legendary guitarist Ace Frehley set set to release Origins, Vol. New Contrarian album out November Related Stories. Intestinal Disgorge - Uncreated buy track Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account. Sexual Depression by Nostalgic Darkness. I'm discovering that this label is quite hit and miss. There's not much grabbing my attention with this one. Christopher MacKinnon. Arvet I by Azaghal. Azaghal has been consistently awesome for their entire career. It's really hard to beat the raw ferocity of their older stuff, especially the non album songs.

This and Arvet II are essential, and I got 75 other albums along with them! The Demos by Fornicatus. This is some good stuff. This genre became pretty popular around the world and now we a have a legion of new ugly names. Interesting thing, this split has a beautiful look but ugly slimy guts the music. The yellow cassette perfectly combines with light colors of the cover. This is a professionally made tape not a simple diy cassette that was recorded on some crappy old Sony player and has photocopied cover.

No, this one is crafted precisely. Russian gore beasts Inopexia are the beginners of this party. First thing I heard was very punching, low bass and guitar sound… holy moly this heavy tone could break bones. Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account. If you like Inopexia, you may also like:.

White Teeth Rebellion by The Vice. Swedish band The Vice's whip up a vicious frenzy of intense metal and energetic hard rock. Zeal and Ardor return with a searing new EP that pushes past their gospel-metal hybrid and into darker terrain.

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of Deterioration / Inopexia Split on Discogs.5/5(2).